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A-level Philosophy

Fascinating and enlightening, A-level Philosophy can give you deeper knowledge and understanding of philosophy ethics and a major world religion, and help students gain many valuable transferable skills.

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At Bosworth, our study of Philosophy is by means of an A-level in Religious Studies.

Fascinating and enlightening, this A-level can give you deeper knowledge and understanding of philosophy ethics and major world religion, and help students gain many valuable transferable skills.

Entry Requirements: students will need a minimum of grade 5/6 or above in English GCSE and must have a willingness to write short essays. Classes involve discussion and debate, and students must be willing to participate in discussions, sharing their own ideas and listening and respecting the views of others.

Course Content

The course combines in-depth study of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics with the study of Christianity and ethical and philosophical issues within it.

In Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, areas of study include the application of ethical theories to contemporary issues including abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment and embryonic research.

The philosophical element looks at a variety of fascinating topics, including the nature of the mind, body and soul, arguments for and against the existence of God, and the problem of evil.

Students will also study Christianity as an academic topic, aiming to develop knowledge and critical understanding of key beliefs, principles and teachings and their impact on communities, societies and practice.

Where Does it Lead?

Religious Studies is a thought-provoking subject that offers a unique opportunity to develop transferable critical and evaluative skills sought by higher education and employers, especially

in law, education, social work, politics, medicine, administration and the media. Analytical and reasoning skills developed in the course can support further study in a range of fields, including Humanities, Philosophy, PPE, English, Psychology and Theology.



A-level examination in Religious Studies:

Paper 1: Philosophy of Religion and Ethics

Topics covered: Arguments for the existence of God, the problem of evil, religious experience, normative ethical theories, issues of human life and death, issues of animal life and death, religious language, miracles, self and life after death, introduction to meta ethics, free will and moral responsibility, conscience, Bentham and Kant.

Paper 2: Christianity

Topics covered: Sources of wisdom and authority, nature of God, self, death and afterlife, good conduct and key moral principles, expression of religious identity, Christianity, gender and sexuality, Christianity and science, Christianity and the challenge of secularisation, Christianity, migration and religious pluralism, dialogue between philosophy of religion and Christianity, dialogue between ethical studies and Christianity.

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