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Exciting future at the University of Cambridge

In the UK, only 18% of applicants to Oxbridge are successful in gaining a place. The competition is tough, but this is to be expected when the most intelligent and academically able students are competing amongst themselves for these highly prestigious places.

This year (A level Results 2021) we are incredibly proud to announce that our A-level student, Denise, has achieved A*A*A*A*a* in Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths and EPQ and gained a place at the University of Cambridge to study Natural Sciences. Denise shared with us: “I am eager to learn more about science and the practical values of it, and wish to pursue a career in scientific research. In order to achieve that, I will need to not only focus on studying but also to fulfil my life with different skills and experiences. I am looking forward to going to university to learn and grow more. With the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in Bosworth, I am confident and very excited for my next academic journey no matter how challenging it would be.”

The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge agree that academic excellence, a genuine interest in a chosen subject, the ability to undertake independent research, as well as the capability to think on your feet are key aspects in being a successful candidate. There are a variety of skills and traits that a student is expected to exhibit alongside their academic potential. These skills are developed during Oxbridge Preparation Programme at the College, where all students with high academic aspirations are welcome to join.

Denise shares her experience living and studying with us …

Why did you choose to come to Bosworth?

I have always had a desire to be exposed to a multicultural environment. Bosworth is the place where I can enjoy my academic and social life at the same time. That is exactly what I have always been dreaming of.

What was the teaching like?

In Bosworth, teachers are more than happy to help you with anything you find difficult, but are, at the same time, ready to stretch you with challenging questions. All teachers are available to help you no matter if they do teach you or not. The lessons are conducted so well that sometimes time just seems to fly.

Would you recommend Bosworth to a friend?

I would recommend Bosworth to a friend who is willing to work hard and be successful while still wanting to dedicate themselves to different social activities and have an enjoyable time.

What was your boarding experience like?

The houseparents and supervisors did not only take care of us but were also ready to support us with our well-being. Everyone was lovely and kind. The boarding experience played a very important part in helping me to achieve highly in my studies.

How is education different from your previous school?

In Vietnam, Maths was always considered the base of sciences rather than practicals and applications. Education here focuses much more on applications and how students apply scientific knowledge to solve real-life problems. I find this approach to be a much better fit for me, which has helped me build a greater passion for my subjects.

Can you share a few sentences about your life at Bosworth?

As an international student at Bosworth, not only have I studied with, but I have also lived with the most amazing people. Whilst I’ve learnt so much from the subject discussions I had with my classmates in lessons, out of school, I spent time having fun and creating unforgettable memories with people whom I can now call my second family. I truly appreciate the time I had in Bosworth.

Describe Bosworth in three words…

Belonging, intelligent and connecting.

Oxford and Cambridge are looking for candidates who have dedication, initiative, persistence and the ability to communicate well. While the process may seem challenging, the end result will be a rewarding career in a highly competitive field. We wish all the best to Denise and all our recent graduates!

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