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Bosworth becomes part of the CATS Schools Group

A promising future for Bosworth Independent School

We are delighted to announce that from 7 April 2020, Bosworth Independent School will formally become part of the CATS Schools Group.

These are exciting times for Bosworth, with the announcement of the new partnership which will bring investment, additional expertise and further opportunities for the students and staff at the school.

Bosworth Independent School will retain its own identity and brand and will continue to focus on supporting our hard-working students to achieve their very best academic outcomes and continue to attract the brightest scholars from around the world and locally.

The CATS Colleges Group now includes:

  • CATS College Cambridge
  • CATS College Canterbury
  • CATS College London
  • CATS Academy Boston
  • CATS College Minhang (Shanghai)
  • CATS College Jinshan (Shanghai)
  • Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts (CSVPA)
  • Stafford House School of English
  • Bosworth Independent School

The CATS Schools Group is moving from strength to strength and we expect further expansion and growth in the future. Our outstanding results and exceptional student outcomes are best in class and by partnering with CATS Schools, you can be assured of our strength and stability, as well as providing a broad range of courses and programmes for our students.

We are excited about the future ahead of us and if you have any questions, please
e-mail info@bosworthschool.co.uk and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.