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English Language Programmes

This course is designed for international students who wants to improve their English and study GCSE content.

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English Language (EFL) with academic content (APP1)

On this programme students study English language alongside some basic GCSE content. It is ideally suited for students with lower levels of English who require a year of English, as this course allows over a third of the timetable to be dedicated to English study. The start date for this course is September although mid-year admissions can be considered.

The academic areas cover Maths, Combined Science, Business Studies and Geography. Students work towards sitting the Cambridge PET exam at the end of the year. This is the only external exam taken, the other subjects being assessed internally to inform the best progression route. Also compulsory to the curriculum are Art club, Citizenship, Computer Science, PHSEE and Physical Education. Students progress from this programme onto our Academic Preparation Programme.

Academic Preparation Programme (APP)

This course is designed for international students who have an intermediate level of English, more advanced than those on the APP1 programme but not yet adequate for A-levels or the University Foundation Programme.

Just as in APP1, lessons are taught by academic specialists using simplified language whilst sustaining the students’ motivation by covering subject-specific content. Formal English is taught, leading to IGCSE English as a Second Language and/or IELTS, as appropriate. To progress to A-levels or the UFP, students must achieve grade C in IGCSE ESL or IELTS 5.5. Alongside English, we teach GCSE Maths and then students opt to study 3 from the following IGCSE subject list: Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Geography or Physics. Students must pick at least one science option within their three elective choices. If students are under the age of 16 they will also take part in all the compulsory subjects listed in APP1.

This course has flexible start dates: usually, the beginning of September or January terms.

High School Experience

This programme is designed for international students who wish to join Bosworth for one or two terms rather than the whole year. Students will integrate into one of our full-time programmes and the choice of programme will depend on the age of the student, their level of English and their academic history.

Once we have the individual information about the student, we will make sure we place them on a programme that is suitable to meet their objectives. Where students require significant English tuition, they will largely be in lessons with other international students but will mix with British students in the sports and enrichment activities, as well as in boarding.

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