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Preparation Programmes

This course is designed for international students who wants to improve their English and study GCSE content.

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A-level Preparation

The course is designed for international students whose level of English is not ready for them to progress immediately on to A levels.

Students will study the Key English Test (KET) or B2 First (FCE) and IGCSE Mathematics. Students will be able to choose three additional subjects from the following options: Biology or Economics, Chemistry or Business and Physics or Geography.

The start date is September, but mid-year admissions can be considered.

High School Experience

This programme is designed for international students who wish to join Bosworth for one or two terms rather than the whole year. Students will integrate into one of our full-time programmes and the choice of programme will depend on the age of the student, their level of English and their academic history.

Once we have the individual information about the student, we will make sure we place them on a programme that is suitable to meet their objectives. Where students require significant English tuition, they will largely be in lessons with other international students but will mix with British students in the sports and enrichment activities, as well as in boarding.

IELTS Preparation

This course is designed for international students who are keen to improve their IELTS score and develop strategies for exam success. Interactive lessons combined with mock tests and individualised feedback will encourage students to stay focused and motivated and move towards their exam goals.

Participants will take part in interactive classes which cover the four main skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Sessions will involve group activities, games and multi-media resources to keep students motivated and engaged. There will also be focus on essential vocabulary and grammar required. Exam strategies and practice tests as well as personalised feedback will be an essential part of the course – providing students will the skills for success.