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Enjoying achievement at the Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad

Bosworth Independent School A-level student, Aaron, has gained a Gold award in the Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad (RCS) alongside four fellow students receiving Silver awards, which is a tremendous academic achievement.

The RCS Olympiad encourages expanding student’s knowledge and the development of their talents in chemistry related fields. The bespoke challenges enable students to demonstrate their academic potential and to be proudly rewarded with publicly recognised certificates and medals. This year the competition invited and celebrated 7,160 students, from 666 schools.

Education executive, Chloe Francis, offered her gratitude to teachers for their involvement and students for their participation in the Olympiad: “Well done to all students who took part in this year’s Olympiad during a particularly stressful time, and thank you to all the teachers who took the time to facilitate this opportunity for their students during a national lockdown.”

Aaron (Gold), who is aiming to study Pharmacy at a University, has now successfully received offers from University of East Anglia, University of Manchester, Newcastle University and University of Nottingham. He was pleasantly surprised by his performance in the RCS Olympiad: “I was taken back when I received my results, I did much better than what I had expected. My Chemistry teacher has supported me a lot with this competition. She has always been a caring and there to solve any of my concerns – and was very helpful in this challenge.”

Other notable students are Denise (Silver), who has offers from University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University of St Andrews and University of Warwick. She shared with us: “The Olympiad was a fantastic opportunity for me to stretch myself academically outside the classrooms. I considered it as a fun and exciting experience rather than a competition. My Chemistry teachers always try to integrate some extra advanced knowledge into the lessons, which was a very good way for us to develop the thinking processes vital when it comes to Olympiads and challenging questions.”

Roberta (Silver), hold offers from University of Leeds and Loughborough University to study Computer Science: “Participating in Olympiads is a great way to motivate yourself for revision, test your abilities and apply your knowledge in contexts that you have no knowledge about and learn new things. I honestly find Olympiads quite fun.”

Oxbridge, medical and highly competitive universities are looking for candidates who have dedication, initiative, persistence and the ability to communicate well. While the process may seem challenging, the result will be a rewarding career in highly competitive field.